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OnLine Ordering now available. Vacuum-packed for convenience, lightweight, durable, affordable, effective. FREE Shipping CONUS USPS or UPS Ground. Windlass tourniquets have been historically employed as a dependable means of stopping arterial bleeding from wounds of the limbs; for instance, common use during WWI battlefields consisted of a simple strap (cloth, towel, rope, etc.) wrapped around and then knotted against the affected limb, a windlass rod (stick, knife, bayonet) inserted between the knotted wrap and the limb, and then twisted to apply pressure around the limb to halt excessive blood flow from the wound or amputation.

THE BASIC WINDLASS TOURNIQUET (TBWT®) employs the same principles while utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing and materials. An important design improvement: The addition of an easy-to-use "Bar-and-Keeper" rod-and-hook assembly including improved plug-cap Rod ends designed to prevent Windlass Strap unwinding and/or loosening when affixed, without the use of knots, ties, pins or clips, a fully mechanical and straightforward means to assure against Windlass slippage. This heavy-duty tourniquet is simple to use and, because of the densely woven strapping and high-strength Aluminum alloy Windlass Rod, virtually unbreakable during use.

The TBWT® has been engineered for simple, quick deployment to control arterial bleeding in the extremities with little training required. The Windlass Rod is made of 0.250" 6061-T6 high-strength Aluminum alloy; the Tourniquet Strap consists of a heavy-duty polypropylene weave 1.5"W x 40"L (break strength 1200#) with a cold-rolled steel Keeper Hook attached. The TBWT® is vacuum-sealed in a 3-mil thick nylon/poly pouch for convenience of storage and extended storage life.

Small profile: When folded, the TBWT ® measures 5.75"L  x 2.0"W prior to vacuum-sealing (item shown with improved plug-cap rod ends designed to mitigate windlass rod/keeper hook slipping).

When vacuum-sealed, the TBWT® retains the 5.75"L x 2.0"W profile, but reduces the thickness to 0.50"T. Fanfold Instruction Sheet Included. For Your Convenience, TEAR NOTCHES have been replaced with TEAR WEDGES (4) for ease-of-opening in low-light and/or with gloves.

The Benefits and Capabilities of the TBWT®:

  • High Strength: Windlass Rod 0.250 diameter 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy, Tourniquet Strap 1.50"W x 40"L High-Strength Polypropylene w/breaking strength of 1200lbs.
  • Strap will not narrow down (rope) under stress to less than 1.50"W.
  • Tourniquet is fully reusable.
  • NO molded plastic parts or Velcro used in device.
  • Five (5) year shelf-life.
  • Easily deployed, even while wearing gloves: 0.5"W TEAR WEDGES (4) on pouch edges replace standard tear notches for quick opening.
  • Overall packaged size: 5.75"L x 2.0"W x 0.50"T.
  • Packaged Weight: 2.0oz.
  • Reduced training time required to use, graphic fanfold instruction sheet supplied with each item.
  • Price: $9.85/each UPS Ground Free Shipping CONUS.

Typical deployments: TBWT® properly wrapped around (left) arm with Windlass Rod locked in place with Keeper Hook:

TBWT® properly wrapped around (left) leg with Windlass Rod locked in place with Keeper Hook.

Fanfold Product Use Instructions

Following, please see an example of the Front panel of the fanfold instruction sheet included with each item inside vacuum pouch (3"L x 2"W when folded, 2 folds, 6"x6" unfolded):

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